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 Chapter 50 County Finances, Budget and Retirement Systems 
50.010   Fiscal year in counties. (8/28/1945)
50.020   Transfer of county funds. (8/28/1939)
50.030   Section 50.020 construed. (8/28/1939)
50.032   Mediation of disputes necessary for receipt of state funds. (8/28/2007)
50.040   County commission may invest school funds, when and how. (8/28/1939)
50.050   County treasurer to report. (8/28/1939)
50.055   Accounts of county may be audited (counties of the second classification). (8/28/2013)
50.057   Audit, when, by whom (certain counties of the first classification). (8/28/2013)
50.059   Counties with federal highways, or weigh stations to receive additional funds, allocation. (8/28/1997)
50.060   County commission may borrow money — amount (first and second class counties). (8/28/1949)
50.065   Borrowing by first class counties authorized, limitations on — tax anticipation warrants, procedure for issue and redemption. (8/28/1977)
50.070   Tax anticipation notes may be issued in counties of first, third and fourth class. (8/28/1949)
50.080   Tax anticipation notes — how made, signed and attested. (8/28/1945)
50.090   Estimate of county revenue to be basis for issuing anticipated notes. (8/28/1945)
50.095   Notes not to issue until revenue estimate made — limitation on amount issued — form of note (first class counties). (8/28/1986)
50.100   Note provisions. (6/10/1980)
50.110   Board of estimate of anticipated revenue. (8/28/1945)
50.120   County treasurer to sell notes — publication — private sale. (8/28/1949)
50.130   Registration of notes. (8/28/1945)
50.140   Proceeds from sale of notes to be deposited in county treasury — used only to pay warrants — use of surplus. (8/28/1945)
50.150   County warrants may be pledged — for what purpose — redemption. (8/28/1939)
50.160   Powers of county commission — auditing and enforcement of claims of county — refusal to testify, penalty. (8/28/1992)
50.166   Clerk may fill in warrant for expenses — form, negotiable instrument — county treasurer access to financially relevant documents. (8/28/2021)
50.172   Documents approved by commission to be preserved — destruction of documents, method — replacement of lost or destroyed checks, procedure. (8/28/2008)
50.320   Penalty for clerk or treasurer violating section 50.160, 50.166 or 50.172. (8/28/1992)
50.327   Base salary schedules for county officials — salary commission responsible for computation of county official salaries, except for charter counties — salary increases, when. (8/28/2022)
50.327   Base salary schedules for county officials — salary commission responsible for computation of county official salaries, except for charter counties — salary increases, when. (1/1/2022)
50.330   Salaries of county officers and assistants, how paid. (8/28/1992)
50.332   Certain counties may perform certain duties for municipalities, when — compensation for, paid how, to whom. (8/28/2012)
50.333   Salary commission, duties of clerk or court administrator, meetings, notice of, members, duties, report, form, failure to meet, effect of — mileage allowance — maximum compensation allowable, defined (noncharter counties). (8/28/2018)
50.334   Recorders of deeds, compensation — classroom instruction required, when, expenses shall be reimbursed, when (certain counties). (8/28/2001)
50.337   Governing body may provide for pension plan for county employees (first class counties). (8/28/1965)
50.338   Compensation for loss of commissions by reduction of school operating levy, loss offset procedure. (3/3/1983)
50.339   Cole County and Cape Girardeau salary commission authorized to equalize salaries on a one-time basis. (8/28/2006)
50.340   Officers compensated by salaries only — exceptions — to collect fees and turn over to treasury — report to county commission (first class counties). (8/28/1945)
50.343   Compensation of certain officers, how computed (St. Charles, Clay, Jefferson, Greene and certain other counties). (8/28/2005)
50.350   Salaried officer to collect fees (second class counties). (8/28/1961)
50.360   Pay money to county treasurer — monthly report concerning paid and unpaid fees — duty of county commission. (8/28/1945)
50.370   Officers to file monthly report with county commission (third and fourth class counties). (8/28/1949)
50.380   Penalty. (8/28/1949)
50.390   Officers to settle with county commission. (8/28/1949)
50.400   Refusal to settle — commission may estimate amount due. (8/28/1939)
50.410   Penalty of defaulting officer. (8/28/1939)
50.420   Damages against delinquents. (8/28/1939)
50.430   Commission determination final, when — interest — misdemeanor. (8/28/1949)
50.440   Penalties may be remitted, when. (8/28/1939)
50.450   County clerk to make abstract of settlement — record of. (8/28/1939)
50.460   Abstract to be a lien, when — execution. (8/28/1939)
50.470   Officers to keep an account of fees collected for others. (8/28/1939)
50.480   Duty of officer to pay fees belonging to others to county treasurer and take receipts. (8/28/1939)
50.490   Treasurer to keep an account of such fees. (8/28/1939)
50.510   Books and fees to be turned over to successor. (8/28/1939)
50.515   County governing body may impose administrative service fee, when, rate — limit on fee in counties of the third classification. (8/28/2004)
50.525   County budget law. (8/28/1965)
50.527   Revenue defined. (8/28/1965)
50.530   Definitions. (8/28/2021)
50.535   County sheriff's revolving fund established — fees deposited into, use of moneys — no prior approval for expenditures required—authorized payment of certain expenses — excess funds, use of. (10/14/2016)
50.540   Offices to prepare estimates of expenditures and revenues — duties of budget officer — hearings. (8/28/1965)
50.550   Annual budget shall present a complete financial plan — county law enforcement restitution fund authorized. (8/28/2004)
50.565   County law enforcement restitution fund may be established, proceeds designated for deposit in, use of moneys — audit of fund. (8/28/2007)
50.590   Budget document — contents. (8/28/1959)
50.600   Form of budget documents — public hearing. (8/28/1959)
50.610   Commission may revise budget — adoption and appropriation order. (8/28/1965)
50.620   Appropriations (first and second class counties). (8/28/1965)
50.622   Amendment of annual budget by any county during fiscal year receiving additional funds, procedure — decrease permitted, when. (8/28/2017)
50.630   County commissions shall have power to authorize the transfer of any unencumbered appropriation balance. (8/28/1959)
50.640   Estimate of circuit court or circuit clerk, changed, how — disagreement with county, escrow account equal to difference established — resolved, how. (8/28/2003)
50.641   Estimates — contents — covering circuit judges, associate circuit judges, staffs, juvenile officers and juvenile court personnel. (8/28/1995)
50.642   Presiding judge of circuit court to meet with county budget officer and county commission to discuss budget before filing estimate. (8/28/1995)
50.650   Liability of certain officers. (8/28/1959)
50.660   Rules governing contracts. (8/28/2021)
50.740   Commission to revise and amend estimates (counties of the third and fourth classification). (8/28/2017)
50.745   State auditor to develop, approve forms (third and fourth class counties). (8/28/1965)
50.750   Missouri products to be purchased by officers. (8/28/1949)
50.753   Purchasing agent, how appointed, compensation, assistants. (8/28/1995)
50.755   Purchasing agent to investigate need for supplies requested by officers. (8/28/1973)
50.757   Purchasing agent, duties — bids rejected, when. (8/28/1973)
50.760   Advertisement for bids, procedure for — purchase at public auctions — purchase order required (second class and certain first class counties). (8/28/2005)
50.770   Supplies defined (second class and certain first class counties). (8/28/2005)
50.780   Commissions may permit officers to purchase supplies direct — liability therefor — preference in bids — waiver, when (second class and certain first class counties). (8/28/2005)
50.783   Waiver of competitive bid requirements, when — rescission of waiver, when — single feasible source purchases — exception for Boone and Greene counties. (8/28/2021)
50.784   Procurement authority delegation permitted, when — accepting department's duties. (8/28/2005)
50.790   Duties of commissioners — violation of law — penalty (second class and certain first class counties). (8/28/1939)
50.800   Commission to prepare and publish financial statements — contents (second, third and fourth class counties). (8/28/1989)
50.810   Statements, where filed — failure to comply, penalty (second, third and fourth class counties). (8/28/1989)
50.815   Financial statement of county, when published, contents — falsely certifying, penalty. (8/28/2022)
50.815   Financial statement of county, when published, contents — certificate, penalty (certain first class counties). (8/28/1973)
50.820   Statement, how published — duties of state auditor. (8/28/2022)
50.820   Statement, how published — duties of state auditor (certain first class counties). (8/28/1973)
50.850   Counties reimbursed for expense of prosecuting crimes committed within state correctional facilities, how computed, limitation. (8/28/1988)
50.853   Counties, third and fourth class, reimbursed for expenses of prosecution in capital cases, requirements of negative financial situation — funding. (8/28/1988)
50.1000   Definitions. (8/28/2001)
50.1010   Fund authorized, management — apportionment of benefits. (8/28/2001)
50.1020   Source of funds, delinquent tax penalties — county assessor, duties — deposit of funds — payroll deduction. (7/11/2002)
50.1030   Board of directors, election, appointment by the governor, term, powers, duties — chairman, secretary, meetings — advisors — audits — compensation, costs — record — annual review. (8/28/2013)
50.1031   Benefit adjustments, required assets-to-liability ratio — frequency of adjustments — effective date of adjustments. (8/28/2005)
50.1032   Board to adopt rules for administration of retirement system. (8/28/1995)
50.1034   Correction of errors — false statements — benefits not paid to survivor or beneficiary who intentionally kills member. (8/28/1997)
50.1036   Errors, false statements, false records, consequences. (8/28/1997)
50.1038   Survivor or beneficiary charged with intentional killing of member, benefits suspended — conviction, benefits to cease — no conviction, effect. (8/28/1997)
50.1040   Membership in system — payroll deduction for nonLAGERS members — opting out prohibited, exceptions — opting in, when. (7/11/2002)
50.1050   Normal annuity, qualifications. (8/28/1994)
50.1060   Normal annuity, amount, limitation — board to recommend adjustments to formula. (1/1/2000)
50.1070   Increase in benefits, limitation — determination — waiver of increase. (1/1/2000)
50.1080   What calculators apply. (8/28/1994)
50.1090   Creditable service — special consultant, duty, compensation — limitation — verification of records — refund of contributions, when. (1/1/2000)
50.1100   Retirement, application, payment of annuity, restriction — exception, part-time work for county member may receive annuity, part-time work not to affect annuity. (1/1/2000)
50.1110   Options in lieu of normal annuity, election — survivorship benefit. (8/28/2004)
50.1120   Death of beneficiary, reversion of normal annuity. (1/1/2000)
50.1130   Death benefit. (8/28/2012)
50.1140   Termination of employment, forfeit of rights, refund — deferred annuity permanent, when — payment of accumulated contributions — restoration of creditable service. (8/28/2012)
50.1150   Law not to affect certain rights — discrimination prohibited. (1/1/2000)
50.1160   Effect upon eligibility for other retirement systems. (1/1/2000)
50.1170   Applicability. (1/1/2000)
50.1175   Pension benefits and retirement allowances, exempt from attachment, garnishment and other processes — exception, child support and maintenance. (7/1/2000)
50.1180   Law not to apply to certain political subdivisions. (1/1/2000)
50.1190   Recorder of deeds, extra fees, deposit. (8/28/1994)
50.1200   Ex officio collector, fees, deposit. (8/28/1994)
50.1210   Contribution accounts established, board and nonLAGERS members to contribute to accounts. (1/1/2000)
50.1220   NonLAGERS member contribution, amount. (1/1/2000)
50.1230   Matching contributions by board, when, rules — matching contributions by county, when. (1/1/2002)
50.1240   Bookkeeping account established. (1/1/2000)
50.1250   Forfeiture of contributions, when — reversion of forfeitures — distribution of contribution account, when — death of a member, effect of. (8/28/2007)
50.1260   Direct rollover permitted, when. (1/1/2000)
50.1300   Deferred compensation plan authorized — consolidation permitted, when. (1/1/2000)
 - Cross References
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Bond issues, Chap. 108
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Costs in criminal cases, how paid, Chap. 550
County commission to provide vault for treasurer, 54.100
County depositaries, 110.130 to 110.270
County health center, how established and supported, 205.010 to 205.150
County health officer, county to provide funds, 192.170
County highway commission, additional contributions by county, 230.090
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County property, county to pay special tax bills for local improvements, 88.790, 88.900
County revenue to be separated and divided, 54.140
County treasurer to pay over to school districts monthly, 165.081
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Debt, additional amount, votes required, Const. Art. VI, § 26(c)
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Deposits of public funds to be secured, exception, 110.010, 362.490
Dog license, disposition of revenues, 273.070
Dog quarantine, expenses, how paid, 322.070
Expenditures of courts, how paid, 476.270
Facsimile signature, use by officers, 105.273 to 105.278
Federal assistance on public improvements, county may accept, 71.290
Federal surplus property, political subdivisions may contract for acquisition, 70.100, 70.110
Funding and refunding bonds of counties, issued, when, 108.130 to 108.160
Insurance plans for elected officials and employees, political subdivision may contribute, procedure, 67.150
Juvenile officers, compensation how paid, 211.351, 211.381
License or fee adjustment not deemed ""increase"", as used in Missouri Constitution, Article X, Section 22, when, records required, 67.042
Officers' bonds, county to pay premium, when, 107.070
Parks sales tax to fund counties and cities, procedure, 644.032 to 644.033
Proceeds of bonds and taxes collected to pay, how dealt with, 108.180 to 108.230
Prosecuting attorneys, contingent fund in certain counties, 56.330
Reassessment, general, of property, 137.750
Reward by county for apprehension of criminal, how paid, 544.150
Road levies, how allocated, 233.125, 233.195
Roads, damages for injury caused by hydroelectric project, settlement of, 231.100
Roads, donations for road work, county may match, 229.080, 231.300
Rollback property tax, when, procedure, 137.073
Special road and bridge fund, how disbursed, 137.554, 137.556, 137.580, 233.195
Storm water control, counties and cities, sales tax to fund, procedure, 644.032 to 644.033
Tax ceiling may be increased by governing body of political subdivisions when values assessed are reduced, 137.072
Township organization, tax levy for maintenance of roads, 137.585, 137.590

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