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We, the people of Missouri, with profound reverence for the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, and grateful for His goodness, do establish this Constitution for the better government of the state.
Revisor Home Article I BILL OF RIGHTS Revisor Home
In order to assert our rights, acknowledge our duties, and proclaim the principles on which our government is founded, we declare:
I 1  Source of political power — origin, basis and aim of government. (2/27/1945)
I 2  Promotion of general welfare — natural rights of persons — equality under the law — purpose of government. (2/27/1945)
I 3  Powers of the people over internal affairs, constitution and form of government. (2/27/1945)
I 4  Independence of Missouri — submission of certain amendments to Constitution of the United States. (2/27/1945)
I 5  Religious freedom — liberty of conscience and belief — limitations — right to pray — academic religious freedoms and prayer. (9/6/2012)
I 6  Practice and support of religion not compulsory — contracts therefor enforceable. (2/27/1945)
I 7  Public aid for religious purposes — preferences and discriminations on religious grounds. (2/27/1945)
I 8  Freedom of speech — evidence of truth in defamation actions — province of jury. (2/27/1945)
I 9  Rights of peaceable assembly and petition. (2/27/1945)
I 10  Due process of law. (2/27/1945)
I 11  Imprisonment for debt. (2/27/1945)
I 12  Habeas corpus. (2/27/1945)
I 13  Ex post facto laws — impairment of contracts — irrevocable privileges. (2/27/1945)
I 14  Open courts — certain remedies — justice without sale, denial or delay. (2/27/1945)
I 15  Unreasonable search and seizure prohibited — contents and basis of warrants. (9/5/2014)
I 16  Grand juries — composition — jurisdiction to convene — powers. (2/27/1945)
I 17  Indictments and informations in criminal cases — exceptions. (2/27/1945)
I 18(a)  Rights of accused in criminal prosecutions. (2/27/1945)
I 18(b)  Depositions in felony cases. (2/27/1945)
I 18(c)  Admissibility of evidence. (12/4/2014)
I 19  Self-incrimination and double jeopardy. (2/27/1945)
I 20  Bail guaranteed — exceptions. (2/27/1945)
I 21  Excessive bail and fines — cruel and unusual punishment. (2/27/1945)
I 22(a)  Right of trial by jury — qualification of jurors — two-thirds verdict. (2/27/1945)
I 22(b)  Female jurors — optional exemption. (2/27/1945)
I 23  Right to keep and bear arms, ammunition, and certain accessories — exception — rights to be unalienable. (9/5/2014)
I 24  Subordination of military to civil power — quartering soldiers. (2/27/1945)
I 25  Elections and right of suffrage. (2/27/1945)
I 26  Compensation for property taken by eminent domain — condemnation juries — payment — railroad property. (2/27/1945)
I 27  Acquisition of excess property by eminent domain — disposition under restrictions. (2/27/1945)
I 28  Limitation on taking of private property for private use — exceptions — public use a judicial question. (2/27/1945)
I 29  Organized labor and collective bargaining. (2/27/1945)
I 30  Treason — attainder — corruption of blood and forfeitures — estate of suicides — death by casualty. (2/27/1945)
I 31  Fines or imprisonments fixed by administrative agencies. (2/27/1945)
I 32  Crime victims' rights. (12/3/1992)
I 33  Marriage, validity and recognition. (9/2/2004)
I 34  English to be the official language in this state. (12/4/2008)
I 35  Right to farm. (9/4/2014)
Revisor Home Article II THE DISTRIBUTION OF POWERS Revisor Home
II 1  Three departments of government — separation of powers. (2/27/1945)
Revisor Home Article III LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT Revisor Home
III 1  Legislative power — general assembly. (2/27/1945)
III 2  Prohibited activities by General Assembly members and employees — campaign contribution limits and restrictions. (12/4/2020)
III 3  Election of representatives — legislative redistricting methods — house independent bipartisan citizens commission, appointment, duties, compensation — court actions, procedure. (12/4/2020)
III 4  Qualifications of representatives. (2/27/1945)
III 5  Senators — number — senatorial districts. (12/6/2018)
III 6  Qualifications of senators. (2/27/1945)
III 7  Senate independent bipartisan citizens commission, appointment, duties, compensation — court actions, procedure. (12/4/2020)
III 8  Term limitations for members of General Assembly. (12/5/2002)
III 9  Apportionment of representatives. (2/13/1966)
III 10  Basis of apportionment — alteration of districts. (2/27/1945)
III 11  Time of election of senators and representatives. (2/27/1945)
III 12  Members of general assembly disqualified from holding other offices. (2/27/1945)
III 13  Vacation of office by removal of residence. (2/27/1945)
III 14  Writs of election to fill vacancies. (2/27/1945)
III 15  Oath of office of members of assembly — administration — effect of refusal to take oath and conviction of violation. (2/27/1945)
III 16  Compensation, mileage allowance and expenses of general assembly members. (12/3/1970)
III 17  Limitation on number of legislative employees. (12/3/1970)
III 18  Appointment of officers of houses — jurisdiction to determine membership — power to make rules, punish for contempt and disorderly conduct and expel members. (2/27/1945)
III 19  Legislative privileges — legislative records — legislative proceedings public. (12/6/2018)
III 20  Regular sessions of assembly — quorum — compulsory attendance — public sessions — limitation on power to adjourn. (12/8/1988)
III 20(a)  Automatic adjournment — tabling of bills, when. (12/8/1988)
III 20(b)  Special session, procedure to convene — limitations — automatic adjournment. (12/8/1988)
III 20(c)  Political fundraising prohibited on state property. (12/6/2018)
III 20(d)  Severability provision. (12/6/2018)
III 21  Style of laws — bills — limitation on amendments — power of each house to originate and amend bills — reading of bills. (2/27/1945)
III 22  Referral of bills to committees — recall of referred bills — records of committees — provision for interim meetings. (12/8/1988)
III 23  Limitation of scope of bills — contents of titles — exceptions. (2/27/1945)
III 24  Printing of bills and amendments. (2/27/1945)
III 25  Limitation on introduction of bills. (12/8/1988)
III 26  Legislative journals — demand for yeas and nays — manner and record of vote. (2/27/1945)
III 27  Concurrence in amendments — adoption of conference committee reports — final passage of bills. (2/27/1945)
III 28  Form of reviving, reenacting and amending bills. (2/27/1945)
III 29  Effective date of laws — exceptions — procedure in emergencies and upon recess. (2/27/1945)
III 30  Signing of bills by presiding officers — procedure on objections — presentation of bills to governor. (2/27/1945)
III 31  Governor's duty as to bills — time limitations — failure to return, bill becomes law. (9/4/1986)
III 32  Vetoed bills reconsidered, when. (12/8/1988)
III 34  Revision of general statutes — limitation on compensation. (2/27/1945)
III 35  Committee on legislative research. (2/27/1945)
III 36  Payment of state revenues and receipts to treasury — limitation of withdrawals to appropriations — order of appropriations. (2/27/1945)
III 37  Limitation on state debts and bond issues. (2/27/1945)
III 37(a)  State building bond issue authorized — interest rate — payment from income tax and other funds. (2/23/1956)
III 37(b)  Water pollution control fund established — bonds authorized — funds to stand appropriated. (11/4/1971)
III 37(c)  Additional water pollution control bonds authorized — procedure. (12/6/1979)
III 37(d)  Third state building bond issue authorized — procedures — use of funds. (7/8/1982)
III 37(e)  Water pollution control, improvement of drinking water systems and storm water control — amount of indebtedness, bonds authorized, procedure. (12/3/1998)
III 37(f)  Fourth state building bond and interest fund created — bond issue authorized, procedure — use of funds. (9/1/1994)
III 37(g)  Rural water and sewer grants and loans — bonds authorized, procedure — appropriation of funds, limitations. (12/3/1998)
III 37(h)  Storm water control plans, studies and projects — bonds authorized, procedure — storm water control bond and interest fund created, administration (includes St. Louis City and counties of the first classification). (12/4/2008)
III 38(a)  Limitation on use of state funds and credit — exceptions — public calamity — blind pensions — old age assistance — aid to children — direct relief — adjusted compensation for veterans — rehabilitation — participation in federal aid. (2/27/1945)
III 38(b)  Tax levy for blind pension fund. (2/27/1945)
III 38(c)  Neighborhood improvement districts, cities and counties may be authorized to establish, powers and duties — limitation on indebtedness. (9/6/1990)
III 38(d)  Stem cell research — title of law — permissible research — violations, penalty — report required, when — prohibited acts — definitions. (12/7/2006)
III 39  Limitation of power of general assembly. (12/3/1998)
III 39(a)  Bingo may be authorized — requirements. (12/6/2018)
III 39(b)  State lottery, authority to establish — lottery proceeds fund established, purpose. (9/3/1992)
III 39(c)  Pari-mutuel wagering may be authorized by general assembly — horse racing commission established, election procedure to adopt or reject horse racing. (9/4/1986)
III 39(d)  Gaming revenues to be appropriated to public institutions of elementary, secondary and higher education. (9/3/1992)
III 39(e)  Riverboat gambling authorized on Missouri and Mississippi Rivers — boats in moats authorized. (12/3/1998)
III 39(f)  Raffles and sweepstakes, charitable or religious organizations may sponsor, standards and conditions. (12/3/1998)
III 40  Limitations on passage of local and special laws. (2/27/1945)
III 41  Indirect enactment of local and special laws — repeal of local and special laws. (2/27/1945)
III 42  Notice of proposed local or special laws. (2/27/1945)
III 43  Title and control of lands of United States — exemption from taxation — taxation of lands of nonresidents. (2/27/1945)
III 44  Uniform interest rates. (2/27/1945)
III 45  Congressional apportionment. (2/27/1945)
III 45(a)  Term limitations for members of U.S. Congress — effective when — voluntary observance required, when. (12/3/1992)
III 46  Militia. (12/8/1960)
III 46(a)  Emergency duties and powers of assembly on enemy attack. (12/8/1960)
III 47  State parks — appropriations for, required. (12/8/1960)
III 48  Historical memorials and monuments — acquisition of property. (2/27/1945)
III 49  Reservation of power to enact and reject laws. (2/27/1945)
III 50  Initiative petitions — signatures required — form and procedure. (12/3/1998)
III 51  Appropriations by initiative — effective date of initiated laws — conflicting laws concurrently adopted. (2/27/1945)
III 52(a)  Referendum — exceptions — procedure. (2/27/1945)
III 52(b)  Veto power — elections — effective date. (2/27/1945)
III 53  Basis for computation of signatures required. (2/27/1945)
Revisor Home Article IV EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT Revisor Home
IV 1  Executive power — the governor. (2/27/1945)
IV 2  Duties of governor. (2/27/1945)
IV 3  Qualifications of governor. (2/27/1945)
IV 4  Power of appointment to fill vacancies — tenure of appointees. (2/27/1945)
IV 5  Commissions of state officers. (2/27/1945)
IV 6  Commander in chief of militia — authority. (2/27/1945)
IV 7  Reprieves, commutations and pardons — limitations on power. (2/27/1945)
IV 8  Concurrent resolutions — duty of governor — exceptions — limitation of effect. (2/27/1945)
IV 9  Governor's messages and recommendations to assembly — call of extra sessions. (2/27/1945)
IV 10  Lieutenant governor — qualifications, powers and duties. (2/27/1945)
IV 11(a)  Order of succession to governorship, when. (9/5/1968)
IV 11(b)  Governor's declaration of disability, effect of — disability board, membership, duties — governor to resume office, when — disputed illness, supreme court to decide. (9/5/1968)
IV 11(c)  Acting as governor not to vacate regular office. (9/5/1968)
IV 12  Executive department, composition of — elective officials — departments and offices enumerated. (12/8/2022)
IV 13  State auditor — qualifications and duties — limitations on duties. (2/27/1945)
IV 14  Secretary of state — duties — state seal — official register — limitation on duties. (2/27/1945)
IV 15  State treasurer — duties — custody, investment and deposit of state funds — duties limited — nonstate funds to be in custody and invested by department of revenue — nonstate funds defined. (12/3/1998)
IV 16  Filing of administrative rules and regulations. (2/27/1945)
IV 17  Elective state officers — time of election and terms — limitation on reelection — selection of department heads — removal and qualifications of appointive officers. (9/3/1970)
IV 18  Election returns — board of state canvassers — time of meeting and duties — requirement for election — tie votes. (12/7/1978)
IV 19  Department personnel — selection and removal — merit system — veterans' preference. (11/4/1971)
IV 20  Location of executive and administrative offices. (2/27/1945)
IV 21  Limitation on changes of salaries — fees, costs. (2/27/1945)
IV 22  Department of revenue, duties of — director, appointment of. (9/7/1972)
IV 23  Fiscal year — limitations on appropriations — specification of amount and purpose. (2/27/1945)
IV 24  Governor's budget and recommendations as to revenue — proposed legislation not enacted not to be included in projection of new revenues. (12/4/2014)
IV 25  Limitation of governor's budget on power of appropriations. (2/27/1945)
IV 26  Power of partial veto of appropriation bills — procedure — limitations. (2/27/1945)
IV 27  Power of governor to control rate of and reduce expenditures — notification to general assembly, when. (12/4/2014)
IV 27(a)  Budget Reserve Fund established — investment — excess transfer to general revenue, when. (12/7/2000)
IV 27(b)  Facilities maintenance and review fund created, purpose — state facilities, defined — transfer of moneys into fund, reduction or elimination of transfer by governor. (12/5/1996)
IV 28  Treasury withdrawals, how made, certified how — appropriation, period of. (9/7/1972)
IV 29  Highways and transportation commission — qualifications of members and employees — authority over state highways and other transportation programs. (12/2/2004)
IV 30(a)  Apportionment of motor vehicle fuel tax — director of revenue responsible for apportionment — limitation on local fuel taxes — fuel taxes not part of total state revenues or expenses of state government. (12/2/2004)
IV 30(b)  Source and application of state road fund — sales tax imposed on sale of motor vehicles, apportionment, how, use of revenue — distribution of increases — sales taxes not part of total state revenues or expenses of state government. (12/2/2004)
IV 30(c)  Transportation programs and facilities, administration of by commission, use of moneys. (12/2/2004)
IV 30(d)  Prohibition against diverting revenue for nonhighway purposes — severability of provisions — effective date. (12/2/2004)
IV 31  State highways in municipalities. (2/27/1945)
IV 32  Apportionment of funds for supplementary state highways. (2/27/1945)
IV 33  Retirement benefits not changed. (12/6/1979)
IV 34  Recognition of outstanding bonds — determination, certification and collection of annual state highway bond tax. (2/27/1945)
IV 35  Agriculture, department of — director, how appointed — funds to be provided, how. (9/7/1972)
IV 36  Forestry and forest fires. (2/27/1945)
IV 36(a)  Economic development, department of — duties of department — director, how appointed. (2/27/1945)
IV 36(b)  Department of insurance, established — director, appointment — office of consumer affairs to be established within department, duties. (9/7/1990)
IV 36(c)  MO HealthNet expansion — eligibility — state plan amendments — maximization of federal participation — limitation on burdens or restrictions. (9/4/2020)
IV 37  Social services, department of — duties of department — director, how appointed. (9/7/1972)
IV 37(a)  Mental health, department of — duties of department — director, how appointed. (9/7/1972)
IV 39  Cooperation with federal and other state governments. (2/27/1945)
IV 40(a)  Conservation commission, members, qualifications, terms, how appointed — duties of commission — expenses of members. (9/7/1972)
IV 40(b)  Incumbent members. (2/27/1945)
IV 41  Acquisition of property — eminent domain. (2/27/1945)
IV 42  Director of conservation and personnel of commission. (2/27/1945)
IV 43(a)  Sales tax, use for conservation purposes. (9/2/1976)
IV 43(b)  Use of revenue and funds of conservation commission. (12/4/1980)
IV 43(c)  Effective date — self-enforceability. (9/2/1976)
IV 44  Self-enforceability — enabling clause — repealing clause. (2/27/1945)
IV 45  Rules and regulations — filing — review. (2/27/1945)
IV 46  Distribution of rules and regulations. (2/27/1945)
IV 47  Natural resources, department of — duties of department — director, how appointed. (9/7/1972)
IV 47(a)  Sales and use tax levied for soil and water conservation and for state parks — distribution of parks sales tax fund to counties, purpose, limitation. (12/5/1996)
IV 47(b)  Disbursement of revenue, purposes. (12/5/1996)
IV 47(c)  Provisions self-enforcing, exception — not part of general revenue or expense of state — effective and expiration dates. (9/7/2006)
IV 48  Public safety, department of — duties of department — director, how appointed. (9/7/1972)
IV 49  Labor and industrial relations, department of — duties — commission members, how appointed, terms, qualifications. (9/6/1984)
IV 50  Administration, office of — commissioner, how appointed. (9/7/1972)
IV 51  Appointments, how made — failure to confirm, effect of. (9/7/1972)
IV 52  Higher education, department of established — coordinating board for higher education established, members, terms, qualifications. (9/7/1972)
IV 53  Discrimination as to race, creed, color or national origin prohibited. (9/7/1972)
IV 54  Establishes a Missouri Department of the National Guard. (12/8/2022)
Revisor Home Article V JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT Revisor Home
V 1  Judicial power — constitutional courts. (9/2/1976)
V 2  Supreme court — controlling decisions — number of judges — sessions. (2/27/1945)
V 3  Jurisdiction of the supreme court. (12/2/1982)
V 4  Superior courts to control inferior courts — courts administrator, salary — reapportionment commission, appointment. (9/2/1976)
V 5  Rules of practice and procedure — duty of supreme court — power of legislature. (9/2/1976)
V 6  Assignment of judges — authority of supreme court — eligible judges. (9/2/1976)
V 7  Supreme court and court of appeals may sit in divisions. (9/2/1976)
V 8  Chief justice and chief judges, election, terms — authority of chief justice. (9/2/1976)
V 9  Transfer of causes to supreme court en banc. (9/2/1976)
V 10  Transfer of cases from court of appeals to supreme court — scope of review. (9/2/1976)
V 11  Want of jurisdiction, effect — transfers. (9/2/1976)
V 12  Judicial opinions — filing and publication — memorandum decisions and orders. (9/2/1976)
V 13  Court of appeals, districts, judges. (9/2/1976)
V 14  Circuit courts — jurisdiction — sessions. (9/2/1976)
V 15  Judicial circuits — establishment and changes — general terms and divisions — judges — presiding judge — court personnel. (9/2/1976)
V 16  Associate circuit judges, selection. (9/2/1976)
V 17  Associate circuit judges, jurisdiction. (9/2/1976)
V 18  Judicial review of action of administrative agencies — scope of review. (9/2/1976)
V 19  Terms of judges. (9/2/1976)
V 20  Salaries and compensation of judges — provision against other special compensation and practice of law — travel and other expenses. (9/2/1976)
V 21  Judges — qualifications — age requirements — license to practice law. (9/2/1976)
V 22  Court of appeals clerks and personnel — salaries. (9/2/1976)
V 23  Municipal judges and court personnel — selection — terms — compensation — jurisdiction — appeals — role of associate circuit judges. (9/2/1976)
V 24  Retirement, removal and discipline of judges, commission on — composition, terms, duties, procedures, reimbursement of expenses — additional duties prohibited. (9/2/1976)
V 25(a)  Nonpartisan selection of judges — courts subject to plan — appointments to fill vacancies. (9/2/1976)
V 25(b)  Adoption of plan in other circuits — petitions and elections — form of petition ballots. (9/2/1976)
V 25(c)(1)  Tenure of judges — declaration of candidacy — form of judicial ballot — rejection and retention. (9/2/1976)
V 25(c)(2)  Certification of names upon declaration — law applicable to elections. (9/2/1976)
V 25(d)  Nonpartisan judicial commissions — number, qualifications, selection and terms of members — majority rule — reimbursement of expenses — rules of supreme court. (9/2/1976)
V 25(e)  Payment of expenses. (9/2/1976)
V 25(f)  Prohibition of political activity by judges. (9/2/1976)
V 25(g)  Self-enforceability. (9/2/1976)
V 26  Retirement — assignment as senior judge or commissioner. (9/2/1976)
V 27  Effective date and transition provisions. (9/2/1976)
Revisor Home Article VI LOCAL GOVERNMENT Revisor Home
VI 1  Recognition of existing counties. (2/27/1945)
VI 2  Continuation of existing organization of counties. (2/27/1945)
VI 3  Consolidation of counties — allocation of liabilities. (2/27/1945)
VI 4  Division or diminution of counties. (2/27/1945)
VI 5  Dissolution of counties — annexation. (2/27/1945)
VI 6  Removal of county seats. (2/27/1945)
VI 7  County courts — number of members — powers and duties. (2/27/1945)
VI 8  Classification of counties — revisions to article VI passed by the 88th general assembly to be retroactive. (5/4/1995)
VI 9  Alternative forms of county government. (2/27/1945)
VI 10  Terms of city and county offices. (2/27/1945)
VI 11  Compensation of county officers — increases in compensation not to require additional services — statement of fees and salaries. (9/4/1986)
VI 12  Officers compensated only by salaries in certain counties. (2/27/1945)
VI 13  Compensation of officers in criminal matters — fees. (2/27/1945)
VI 14  Joint participation by counties in common enterprises. (2/27/1945)
VI 15  Classification of cities and towns — uniform laws — change from special to general law. (2/27/1945)
VI 16  Cooperation by local governments with other governmental units. (2/27/1945)
VI 17  Consolidation and separation as between municipalities and other political subdivisions. (2/27/1945)
VI 18(a)  County government by special charter — limitations — counties adopting charter or constitutional form shall be a separate class of counties from classification system. (5/4/1995)
VI 18(b)  Provisions required in county charters — exception. (12/2/2010)
VI 18(c)  Provisions authorized in county charters — participation by county in government of other local units. (12/3/1970)
VI 18(d)  Taxation under county charters. (2/27/1945)
VI 18(e)  Laws affecting charter counties — limitations. (2/27/1945)
VI 18(f)  Petitions for charter commissions — signatures required — procedure. (12/8/1994)
VI 18(g)  Charter commission — appointment, number and qualification of members. (12/8/1994)
VI 18(h)  Adoption of charter — special election — manner of submission. (2/27/1945)
VI 18(i)  Notice of special charter election. (2/27/1945)
VI 18(j)  Certificates of adoption of charter — recordation and deposit — judicial notice. (2/27/1945)
VI 18(k)  Amendments of county charters. (2/27/1945)
VI 18(l)  Limitation on resubmission after defeat of charter. (2/27/1945)
VI 18(m)  County of the first classification may provide a county constitution — content, procedure, limitations. (12/8/1994)
VI 18(n)  Circuit judges may appoint constitution commission, members, qualifications. (12/8/1994)
VI 18(o)  County constitution, effective when — submission to electorate for separate vote on any part or alternative sections. (12/8/1994)
VI 18(p)  Publication requirements for text of constitution — election to adopt procedure. (12/8/1994)
VI 18(q)  Constitution may be adopted or rejected by voters — resubmission procedure. (12/8/1994)
VI 18(r)  Certified copies of county constitution to be filed, where — amendments to constitution, procedure. (12/8/1994)
VI 19  Certain cities may adopt charter form of government — procedure to frame and adopt — notice required — effect of. (11/4/1971)
VI 19(a)  Power of charter cities, how limited. (11/4/1971)
VI 20  Amendment to city charters — procedure to submit and adopt. (2/27/1945)
VI 21  Reclamation of blighted, substandard or insanitary areas. (2/27/1945)
VI 22  Laws affecting charter cities — officers and employees. (2/27/1945)
VI 23  Limitation on ownership of corporate stock, use of credit and grants of public funds by local governments. (2/27/1945)
VI 23(a)  Cities may acquire and furnish industrial plants — indebtedness for. (2/27/1945)
VI 24  Annual budgets and reports of local government and municipally owned utilities — audits. (2/27/1945)
VI 25  Limitation on use of credit and grant of public funds by local governments — pensions and retirement plans for employees of certain cities and counties. (12/6/1984)
VI 26(a)  Limitation on indebtedness of local governments without popular vote. (2/27/1945)
VI 26(b)  Limitation on indebtedness of local government authorized by popular vote. (5/7/1998)
VI 26(c)  Additional indebtedness of counties and cities when authorized by popular vote. (9/1/1988)
VI 26(d)  Additional indebtedness of cities for public improvements — benefit districts — special assessments. (9/1/1988)
VI 26(e)  Additional indebtedness of cities for municipally owned water and light plants — limitations. (9/1/1988)
VI 26(f)  Annual tax to pay and retire obligations within twenty years. (2/27/1945)
VI 26(g)  Contest of elections to authorize indebtedness. (2/27/1945)
VI 27  Political subdivision revenue bonds for utility, industrial and airport purposes — restrictions. (12/5/2002)
VI 27(a)  Political subdivision revenue bonds issued for utilities and airports, restrictions. (12/7/1978)
VI 27(b)  Political subdivision revenue bonds issued for industrial development, restriction. (12/7/1978)
VI 27(c)  Revenue bonds defined. (12/7/1978)
VI 28  Refunding bonds. (2/27/1945)
VI 29  Application of funds derived from public debts. (2/27/1945)
VI 30(a)  Powers conferred with respect to intergovernmental relations — procedure for selection of board of freeholders. (12/8/1966)
VI 30(b)  Appointment of member by governor — meetings of board — vacancies — compensation and reimbursement of members — preparation of plan — taxation of real estate affected — submission at special elections — effect of adoption — certification and recordation — judicial notice. (2/27/1945)
VI 31  Recognition of city of St. Louis as now existing both as a city and as a county. (12/5/2002)
VI 32(a)  Amendment of charter of St. Louis. (12/5/2002)
VI 32(b)  Revision of charter of St. Louis — officers to complete terms and staff given opportunity for city employment. (12/5/2002)
VI 32(c)  Effect of revision on retirement. (12/5/2002)
VI 33  Certification, recordation and deposit of amendments and revised charter — judicial notice. (2/27/1945)
Revisor Home Article VII PUBLIC OFFICERS Revisor Home
VII 1  Impeachment — officers liable — grounds. (2/27/1945)
VII 2  Power of impeachment — trial of impeachments. (2/27/1945)
VII 3  Effect of judgment of impeachment. (2/27/1945)
VII 4  Removal of officers not subject to impeachment. (2/27/1945)
VII 5  Election contests — executive state officers — other election contests. (2/27/1945)
VII 6  Penalty for nepotism. (2/27/1945)
VII 7  Appointment of officers. (2/27/1945)
VII 8  Qualifications for public office — nonresidents. (2/27/1945)
VII 9  Disqualification by federal employment — exceptions. (2/27/1945)
VII 10  Equality of sexes in public service. (2/27/1945)
VII 11  Oath of office. (2/27/1945)
VII 12  Tenure of office. (2/27/1945)
VII 13  Limitation on increase of compensation and extension of terms of office. (2/27/1945)
VII 14  Statement of actuary required before retirement benefits substantially changed. (9/7/1978)
Revisor Home Article VIII SUFFRAGE AND ELECTIONS Revisor Home
VIII 1  Time of general elections. (2/27/1945)
VIII 2  Qualifications of voters — disqualifications. (2/27/1945)
VIII 3  Methods of voting — secrecy of ballot — exceptions. (9/2/1976)
VIII 4  Privilege of voters from arrest — exceptions. (2/27/1945)
VIII 5  Registration of voters. (2/27/1945)
VIII 6  Retention of residence for voting purposes. (2/27/1945)
VIII 7  Absentee voting. (2/27/1945)
VIII 11  Voter identification, authorized to identify voter and verify citizenship and residency — photo identification permitted. (12/8/2016)
VIII 15  Preamble. (12/5/1996)
VIII 16  Congressional term limits amendment. (12/5/1996)
VIII 17  Voter instruction on term limits for members of congress — ballots to include "disregarded voters' instruction on term limits", when. (12/5/1996)
VIII 18  Voter instruction on term limit pledge for non-incumbents. (12/5/1996)
VIII 19  Secretary of state, duties regarding ballot designations. (12/5/1996)
VIII 20  Automatic repeal. (12/5/1996)
VIII 21  Legal challenges, jurisdiction. (12/5/1996)
VIII 22  Severability. (12/5/1996)
VIII 23  Campaign contribution limits, establishment of — requirements — complaint process — penalties. (11/8/2016)
Revisor Home Article IX EDUCATION Revisor Home
IX 1(a)  Free public schools — age limit. (9/2/1976)
IX 1(b)  Specific schools — adult education. (2/27/1945)
IX 2(a)  State board of education — number and appointment of members — political affiliation — terms — reimbursement and compensation. (2/27/1945)
IX 2(b)  Commissioner of education — qualification, duties and compensation — appointment and compensation of professional staff — powers and duties of state board of education. (2/27/1945)
IX 3(a)  Payment and distribution of appropriations and income. (2/27/1945)
IX 3(b)  Deficiency in provision for eight-month school year — allotment of state revenue for school purposes. (2/27/1945)
IX 3(c)  Racial discrimination in employment of teachers. (2/27/1945)
IX 4  Public school and seminary funds — certificates of indebtedness — renewals — liquidation — legal investment of funds — tax levy for interest. (2/27/1945)
IX 5  Public school fund — sources — payment into state treasury — investment — limitation on use of income. (2/27/1945)
IX 6  Seminary fund — sources — payment into state treasury — investment — limitation on use of income. (2/27/1945)
IX 7  County and township school funds — liquidation and reinvestment — optional distribution on liquidation — annual distribution of income and receipts. (2/27/1945)
IX 8  Prohibition of public aid for religious purposes and institutions. (2/27/1945)
IX 9(a)  State university — government by board of curators — number and appointment. (2/27/1945)
IX 9(b)  Maintenance of state university and other educational institutions. (2/27/1945)
IX 10  Free public libraries — declaration of policy — state aid to local public libraries. (2/27/1945)
Revisor Home Article X TAXATION Revisor Home
X 1  Taxing power — exercise by state and local governments. (2/27/1945)
X 2  Inalienability of power to tax. (2/27/1945)
X 3  Limitation of taxation to public purposes — uniformity — general laws — time for payment of taxes — valuation. (9/2/1982)
X 4(a)  Classification of taxable property — taxes on franchises, incomes, excises and licenses. (2/27/1945)
X 4(b)  Basis of assessment of tangible property — real property — taxation of intangibles — limitations. (9/2/1982)
X 4(c)  Assessment, levy, collection and distribution of tax on intangibles. (2/27/1945)
X 4(d)  Income tax laws, may incorporate federal laws by reference — rates, how set. (12/5/1968)
X 5  Taxation of railroads. (2/27/1945)
X 6  Property exempt from taxation. (12/2/2010)
X 6(a)  Homestead exemption authorized. (9/2/1982)
X 6(b)  Intangible property exempt from taxation, when — local governments may be reimbursed, when. (12/7/1972)
X 7  Relief from taxation — forest lands — obsolete, decadent, or blighted areas — limitations — exception. (9/2/1976)
X 8  Limitation on state tax rate on tangible property. (2/27/1945)
X 9  Immunity of private property from sale for municipal debts. (2/27/1945)
X 10(a)  State prohibited from imposing local taxes for local purposes. (2/27/1945)
X 10(b)  State aid for local purposes. (2/27/1945)
X 10(c)  Reduction in rates of levy may be required by law. (12/7/1978)
X 11(a)  Taxing jurisdiction of local governments — limitation on assessed valuation. (2/27/1945)
X 11(b)  Limitations on local tax rates. (12/3/1998)
X 11(c)  Increase of tax rate by popular vote — further limitation by law — exceptions to limitation. (12/3/1998)
X 11(d)  Tax rate in St. Louis for county purposes. (2/27/1945)
X 11(e)  Exclusion of bonded debt from limitations on tax rates. (2/27/1945)
X 11(f)  Authorization of local taxes other than ad valorem taxes. (2/27/1945)
X 11(g)  Operating levy for Kansas City school district may be set by school board. (5/7/1998)
X 12(a)  Additional tax rates for county roads and bridges — road districts — reduction in rate may be required, how. (12/7/1978)
X 12(b)  Refund of road and bridge taxes. (2/27/1945)
X 13  Tax sales — limitations — contents of notices. (2/27/1945)
X 14  Equalization commission — appointment — duties. (2/27/1945)
X 15  Definition of "other political subdivision". (2/27/1945)
X 16  Taxes and state spending to be limited — state to support certain local activities — emergency spending and bond payments to be authorized. (12/4/1980)
X 17  Definitions. (12/4/1980)
X 18  Limitation on taxes which may be imposed by general assembly — exclusions — refund of excess revenue — adjustments authorized. (12/4/1980)
X 18(e)  Voter approval required for taxes or fees, when, exceptions — compliance procedure, remedies. (5/2/1996)
X 19  Limits may be exceeded, when, how. (12/4/1980)
X 20  Limitation on state expenses. (12/4/1980)
X 21  State support to local governments not to be reduced, additional activities and services not to be imposed without full state funding. (12/8/2022)
X 22  Political subdivisions to receive voter approval for increases in taxes and fees — rollbacks may be required — limitation not applicable to taxes for bonds. (12/4/1980)
X 23  Taxpayers may bring actions for interpretations of limitations. (12/4/1980)
X 24  Voter approval requirements not exclusive — self-enforceability. (12/4/1980)
X 25  Sale or transfer of homes or other real estate, prohibition on imposition of any new taxes, when. (12/2/2010)
X 26  Prohibition on new or local sales, use, or other similar transaction-based tax not subject to such tax as of January 1, 2015. (12/8/2016)
Revisor Home Article XI CORPORATIONS Revisor Home
XI 1  Definition of "corporation". (2/27/1945)
XI 2  Organization of corporations by general law — special laws relating to corporations — invalidation of unexercised charters and franchises. (2/27/1945)
XI 3  Exercise of police power with respect to corporations. (2/27/1945)
XI 4  Corporations subject to eminent domain — trial by jury. (2/27/1945)
XI 6  Cumulative voting authorized unless alternate method provided by law — exceptions. (9/1/1988)
XI 7  Consideration for corporate stock and debts — fictitious issues — antecedent debts — increases of stock or bonds — issuance of preferred stock. (2/27/1945)
XI 8  Limitation of liability of stockholders. (2/27/1945)
XI 9  Public highways — common carriers — regulations. (2/27/1945)
XI 10  Consolidation of domestic with foreign railroad corporations — jurisdiction of Missouri courts — notice of consolidation. (2/27/1945)
XI 11  Local consent for street railroads. (2/27/1945)
XI 12  Prohibition of discrimination, favoritism and preferences. (2/27/1945)
XI 13  Exclusion of state from banking. (2/27/1945)
Revisor Home Article XII AMENDING THE CONSTITUTION Revisor Home
XII 1  Limitation on revision and amendment. (2/27/1945)
XII 1  SCHEDULE — Supersession of prior constitutional provisions. (2/27/1945)
XII 2  SCHEDULE — Effect on existing laws. (2/27/1945)
XII 2(a)  Proposal of amendments by general assembly. (2/27/1945)
XII 2(b)  Submission of amendments proposed by general assembly or by the initiative. (2/27/1945)
XII 3  SCHEDULE — Effect on existing terms of office. (2/27/1945)
XII 3(a)  Referendum on constitutional convention — qualifications of delegates — selection of nominees for district delegates and delegates-at-large — election procedure. (2/27/1945)
XII 3(b)  Convention of delegates — quarters — oath — compensation — quorum — vote required — organization, employees, printing — public sessions — rules — vacancies. (2/27/1945)
XII 3(c)  Submission of proposal adopted by convention — time of election — effective date. (2/27/1945)
XII 4  SCHEDULE — Effect on certain existing courts. (2/27/1945)
XII 5  SCHEDULE — Effect on existing rights, claims. (2/27/1945)
XII 6  SCHEDULE — Reimbursement for expenses of constitutional election. (2/27/1945)
Revisor Home Article XIII PUBLIC EMPLOYEES Revisor Home
XIII 1  Medical benefits may be authorized for state officers, employees and their dependents. (12/6/1984)
XIII 2  Medical benefits may be authorized for political subdivision officers, employees and their dependents. (12/6/1984)
XIII 3  Compensation of state elected officials, general assembly members and judges to be set by Missouri Citizens' Commission on Compensation — members qualifications, terms, removal, vacancies, duties — procedure. (12/7/2006)
Revisor Home Article XIV MARIJUANA USE AND REGULATION Revisor Home
XIV 1  Right to access medical marijuana. (12/8/2022)
XIV 2  Marijuana legalization, regulation, and taxation. (12/8/2022)

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